Today in Tha Wire the hit TV series, Empire, returns to FOX to jump-off a brand new season in September. People are already talking. Allhiphop reports, that's exactly what the writers and producers of the explosive drama want. Season four is building up to be the juiciest ever! Word has it the fourth episode of season four will revolve around one of the greatest artists to ever live...Prince.

Empire director, Sanaa Hamri, was a close friend of the iconic star. Prior to the success with the popular FOX dramination, she was best known for directing music videos. So quite naturally she worked a camera for Prince. The two hooked up for his 2004 single Musicology to be exact. The music legend was a big fan of the show. Hamri told Billboard, "I think this is very much something he would have wanted." She revealed, the two of them were actually working on an idea for a TV show at the time of his death. adding, "He always wanted to do TV."

Since his untimely death last year, at the age of 57, the Moroccan director has been working on a tribute to her old friend. With the new season just around the corner, Hamri is ready to give up some details about the emotional episode:

"It's completely Prince-themed," she continued. "In a celebratory fashion, everybody, all of the cast, is going to be dressed in a Prince theme. Even my crew is going to, to kind of honor him."

"Because I'm a very close friend of the estate, they were very kind to me in allowing us to use a lot of the things that we needed to," she said. "I know in a weird sense he trusts me with his work."


AllHipHop reports Hamri will shoot the Prince-themed party episode August 21, and has invited his sister Tyka Nelson, and his band to hang out on the set when they film it. A highlight will include a scene with, Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) performing the classic like “Let's Go Crazy.” You might wanna set the DVR for this one!  Don't miss it! Empire returns to FOX this September.



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