Today in Tha Wire rap legend, Doug E Fresh is reportedly suing Fox TV's mega hit drama 'Empire,' for millions.  According to the latest news the world renowned hype-man/entertainer has been joined by songwriter Unique Mecca Hall and Rasheed Rahan Wonderthe CEO of Wonderboy Entertainment.  The threesome are suing over the song, "No Doubt About It," which featured an illegal sample from Doug's 1993 hit, "I-Ight.(Alright)"  The joint in question, was performed by Pitbull and Jussie Smollett and aired on episode 3 of 'Empire,'s season two, and was also included on the shows original soundtrack.  Take a listen to the original and the "No Doubt About It," below.

"No Doubt About It," was actually produced for the show by Timbaland, which is kinda crazy because he should know better than that.  Ironically enough, once season two wrapped-up, Tim was replaced as the musical director of the hit drama series.  As for Doug E's song, of course he wrote, performed and produced but it was Mecca Hall who coined the phrase...."Ayo, Aight."  This is why Hall is in the credits and a big part of this lawsuit.  What's more his phrase was so popular that it would later be LEGALLY used in other Rap hits and soundtracks, like "Notorious" and "Above The Rim."

Last but not least the third player in this story, Rasheed Wonder, had nothing to do with the song at all.  He's simply representing Mecca Hall in the lawsuit, because the songwriter is locked-up doing a 20-years to life bid in prison.  Yup, turns out your boy is famous for something else.....drugs.

As it turns out Mecca Hall's biggest claim to fame was being a dope dealer, whos lifestyle got him sent up on a 848 King Pin charge.  Hall is best known as the Nino Brown of Harlem, who operated a pipeline that funneled cocaine from New York City to Hampton Roads, VA, in the early 90’s.

That's a whole nother story, that believe it or not you may being hearing more about in the near future.  As I speak negotiations to produce on biopic titled, “Paid in Full 2” is in the works.  By the way, it's possible that he may get out in time to see it.  Word has it he could be released soon, due to new evidence and circumstances surrounding his case.

Finally though no exact dollar amount has been given, Doug E Fresh is said to be suing 'Empire' for millions.  Of course I will keep you posted on any new details.  In the meantime stay in the know and get the best in entertainment news, every weekday with Tha Wire on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.


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