On occasion I get calls on the 107Jamz request line for an artist and or song I’ve never heard of. Most of the time I research the artist and their music, simply because my listeners have good ears for music as well. I can’t be everywhere at once to hear all of the great music there is, so when I get a lead I investigate.

On Monday (Sept. 23nd) I received a call about an artist by the name of Tink, my reply was simply that we were not playing any artist by that name, and nor had I ever heard of him/her. Well after some careful investigating on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter I found Tink, a Chicago native, who by the way is a her. The song I was asked about was for the video above, ‘Treat Me Like Somebody.’ People in my region or fickle when it comes to anything especially new music, so for the young girl to call and request her music I had to do my research. I must say with almost 2 million YouTube views on her video, I wasn’t disappointed at all. It’s only a matter of time before the world learns who singer/songwriter/ and rapper Tink is.

I downloaded her latest mixtape ‘Winter’s Diary 2’, and though I’m still listening, so far so good.


Download Tink’s mixtape 'Winter’s Diary 2' via DatPiff, and give her a listen. I can vouch that she definitely has some fans in Louisiana, so she’s doing something right. You can expect to hear her song in my show before the week is out.

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