No pun intended but we usually all have seen this person in the gym. They act as if they are lifting a horse and moving the world when they are in the gym. Some are grunting like crazy and taking every piece of weight that they can get their hands on and when I saw this video I said this is it.

Terry Crews appeared on "My Wife and Kids" with Damon Wayans and was an old friend of his wife played by Tisha Campbell and Damon is a little jealous of her friend. He eventually goes to the gym with him and below is the hilarity that follows on their workout or lack thereof together.

Terry Crews delivers the ultimate workout:



That 1 guy at the gym who's extra...

Posted by Mike Epps on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Terry has always been that guy for the funny. When you see him he looks so intimidating, but seems to have the heart of gold and drops the funny whenever needed. Just a little something to give you a smile and loud laugh today while you're tackling the work load today.

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