HipHollyWood caught up with Tisha Campbell-Martin and asked her about the latest rumors of a reboot of hit 90's sitcom "Martin" coming back. Apparently, actor/comedian Martin Lawrence's fiancé posted something to her Instagram recently that insinuated it could happen. If there was a post, it's since been taken down.

When asked if she would want to be her character Gina again, Campbell-Martin said: "It has been an honor to be Gina all these years."

As for if it's actually happening or not, she's remaining tight-lipped. But, her reaction does leave a glimmer of hope that something may be brewing. It's just going to suck not having the late Tommy Ford (Tommy) reprise his role as one of Martin's best friends along with Carl Anthony Payne I (Cole), and even actress Tichina Arnold (Pam) who was Gina's best friend on the show.

Check out the clip below.

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