We've all seen rappers get into heated feuds on social media, but this one takes the cake. Legendary soul singer Cheryl Lynn called out Anita Baker on Twitter after she found out that the Grammy Award-winning singer had blocked her. Yes, that happened.

Lynn, best known for her 1978 disco hit “Got to Be Real" and her 1981 song “Shake It Up Tonight,” flew into a 140-character rage Wednesday night (May 27), demanding answers for the alleged shade from Baker.

“Really girl, I thought we were cool. I guess I should’ve known something was up when you ignored me,” she tweeted. “What did I ever do to you? Oh, I get it probably cuz I will sing you down on the stage is that it?”

“I’ve been nothing but sweet to you, and I get blocked. I thought we were good. It’s crazy how your truly colors came out,” she continued. “I will always respect your artistry, you’re truly one of the best to ever do it. I still have love for you. Xo.”

Lynn then asked Baker to reach out to her so they can squash their beef privately.

“We’re too OLD to be petty, just call me and we can settle this like adults. Ppl look up to us. We’re OG’s in this biz,” she added.

During her rant, Lynn also threw in a couple of zingers aimed at Baker including the clever hashtag, “Never going to be #CaughtUpInThe Rapture always #GotToBeReal.” The 58-year-old singer also went after some Twitter trolls who called her a one-hit wonder. She's since deleted some of the angry tweets.

All of this leaves us scratching our heads and wondering why two dear friends are presumably at odds with each other.

Baker has not responded to Lynn's angry tweets, which makes this all the more interesting.

Hopefully, the two veteran songbirds can sit down, have some tea and talk it out like grown women.

Leave the Twitter beefs for the rappers, ladies.

Check out Cheryl Lynn’s tweets below.

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