Chicago's Jackie Robinson West falls to South Korea, after a thrilling showdown in the Little League World Championship game.

South Korea - Getty Images

Sunday's World Championship game was rough in the beginning for the U.S. .  Chicago's Great Lakes team had a hard time getting the timing down on Korea's pitcher.   By the 2nd inning Jackie Robinson West was down by 2.  However, the Great Lakes team took care of the timing issue and started to hit the ball.

The South Korea team was aggressive from the very start, stealing bases. and hitting the ball effectively.  For a while Chicago held Korea pretty good and though they started to hit the ball, they never could get anything going.  Korea's defense was effective and shut the Chi-Town team down 1-2-3 a couple innings in a row.

Brandon Green of Jackie Robinson West did a wonderful job against Korea Photo by Rob Carr via-Getty-Image

By the top of the 6th, Korea hit two home-runs and brought the lead to 8-1.  Chicago never gave up and rallied in the bottom of the 6th, closing the gap 8-4.  Ultimately, the Jackie Robinson West came up short and lost the game.  One things for sure against all odds, the Chicago has nothing to be ashamed of after all they are the United States Little League World Champions!

Congratulations to both South Korea on the win and their tittle of the Little League World Champions and Jackie Robinson West on their U.S. championship win.

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