It's bad enough that a judge has ordered further review of Chris Brown's community service to find out if he really completed all his mandatory hours.  Now comes word that he may have taken a unauthorized trip to Paris and failed a recent drug test.


Chris Brown appeared in court Monday for the first time in more than a year, and as Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg sorted through his probation records, the impact of a positive marijuana result during a random drug screening wasn't looking good.  Judge Schnegg said community service logs from Virginia appeared to be "somewhat cryptic" and additional review was needed to determine whether Chris had complied with his probation.

A spreadsheet sent by the Richmond, Va., police chief indicated Chris did in fact complete his 1,402 hours of community service, which ranged from picking up trash, graffiti removal, to washing cars, painting and tending to stables.

Chris got the opportunity to speak for himself at the hearing, telling Judge Schnegg that he wasn't required to sign in when performing his service.  His lawyer, Mark Geragos, welcomed the inquiry and said he expected to show that Chris had completed all his probation terms.

As far as failing the drug test.  The judge said Chris produced a medicinal marijuana prescription from California and that she had never ordered him not to use drugs, so the positive drug test may not have a major impact on his probation after all.  However, she warned him that while his marijuana use may be legal, he needed to be mindful of his public image and think about how his fans may feel about it.


Judge Schnegg said, "You are not an average person who can sit in their living room and do what you want to do. You are not only in the public eye, but you are on probation."

Speaking of which, giving all that's at stake for some strange reason Chris is finding it hard to stay out of trouble.  It's kinda hard to believe that after falling from grace, he manage to claw his way back to the top with outstanding album after another.  He really worked hard to dig his way out of a devastating career ending scandal.  Yet, with perseverance and a lot of hard work, career wise he's back at the top.  However, personally I'm sure the pain and pressure of what happened in 2009 is probably still fresh, especially when some people refuse to let him forget or move on.  Hopefully, he can find a way threw it all.

Club W.I.P. V.I.P. section after Chris Brown/Drake bottle throwing brawl-youtube

Chris has had several high-profile incidents, from blowing his top after a " Good Morning America " interview.  Chris lost control when Robin Roberts insisted on asking about the Rihanna incident, in spite of him redirecting the questioning several times.  Chris smashed a window with a chair, causing shards of glass to rain down on passer-byes walking below on 43rd and Broadway.  Of course the now infamous bottle-throwing brawl in a New York City nightclub and allegedly taking a fans cell phone after she tried to take a picture of him outside a South Beach nightclub.  Lucky for him, he escaped charges on all of the above.

Because of this, Judge Schnegg urged him to be very careful going forward, adding "You should be mindful of obeying all rules of the courts.  A lot of people look up to you - a lot of kids.  What you do and what you say impacts other people."  As for Virginia authorities reporting Chris traveled to Paris without permission, Judge Schnegg said she has approved most of his travel and would have to review that claim further.  It's obvious that Judge Schnegg is trying to give him a break, hopefully he can stir his way from any further trouble.

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Rihanna sent her love and best wishes in the form of a tweet Monday "Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today!  Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE!! #1Love."

Meanwhile, Chris was originally sentenced to five years of supervised probation after pleading guilty to felony assault for his fight with Rihanna on February 2009.  Up until now, he was doing good and he had received positive reports from probation officials and praise from Judge Schnegg.  However, after Monday's hearing the judge ordered him to return to court Nov. 1 for another update.