After close to two years if not more Chris Brown is finally getting what he has been wanting for the longest.

According to CBS News the 22-year-old singer appeared in court yesterday for a probation progress report and received some good news for his efforts of becoming a better citizen. Chris' restraining order that originally barred him from being anywhere close to near from his ex-girlfriend Rihanna has now been downgraded to level one order where he is allowed to be around and have communication with Rih just as long as he doesn't "harass, annoy, or molest" her. Chris pleaded guilty to assault in 2009 and was sentenced to five years probation and more than 1400 hours of "labor-oriented service." His judge has been quoted saying "Of all probationers I've ever had, and I've had thousands of probationers, no one has ever done a better or more consistent job than you have."

via Chris Brown's Restraining Order Against Rihanna Gets Downgraded | VIBE.

Hopefully he can keep his composure and keep the relationship if any very professional.

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