God was certainly on the side of the man in the shocking video above.

He's walking along with his red umbrella with his dog in tow, and all of a sudden he takes a dive across the yard, as a huge tree limb falls from the tree right where he was standing seconds later.

This reminds me of the time when a much larger tree came falling down in my yard sometime after Hurricane Rita ravaged Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas in 2005. I was inside the house and heard a loud snap, then a bang. I'm guessing it was a tree that finally gave from damage is sustained from the Cat 5 storm. Luckily my dad was no where near the fallen tree, and none of our vehicles were damaged. My dad certainly heard it and got out of the way quickly.

Though it was only a tree limb falling from the man's tree, it could have caused him some serious damage to his body, so thankfully we had the moves to get out the way as fast as he did. Look at God! Won't he do it?!

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