Helsinki, Finland - An incident involving the near drowning of a young boy may be far removed from our lives in the United States, but the surveillance video showing the incident hits close to home for anyone who has young children.

A 5-year-old Finnish boy is lucky to be alive after he almost drowned in a public swimming pool, surrounded by adults who were oblivious to him struggling to stay afloat. Why was the young boy unsupervised in the pool, and where were his parents or guardians? His mother was reportedly in the sauna.

The child was reportedly resuscitated after a woman in the pool noticed his floating body. He didn't suffer any permanent harm, said DailyMail.

I don't have any children yet, but I do have very young nephews and cousins, as well as my friend's children whom I love like my own. Imagining one of those kids in this situation is hard to fathom, so I can only imagine how a parent would feel in this situation. Of course, no responsible parent would leave their child unattended in a swimming pool.

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