A boyfriend's panty prank almost costs him. Well, if there were bullets in the gun, it would have. Yes, this video got that serious.

There are two people in the living room: the boyfriend initiating the prank, and a second woman who seems to be a friend or family member. When both refuse to give the girlfriend, who they call Debbie, an answer as to why there is a pair of women's underwear in their bed, things quickly go left when she returns to the living room with a gun.

At one point in the one-minute clip, she comes back with the gun and says "I've been taking care of your f**king kids, and you mean to tell me, you don't know whose panties they are?!" She cocks the gun, and points it at him, all while the second woman is screaming "Oh my God! Debbie, what the f**k are you doing?!"

The boyfriend quickly points to the camera and lets her know it was just a prank.

I bet he won't prank her again, ever. I'd have to break up with her at that point, too. She crazy, yo!

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