So, I have officially seen it all this morning. A CNN correspondent and crew were arrested while filming and reporting on the crisis currently happening in Minneapolis. However, there was no official reason given at the time of their arrest. The reporter, Omar Jimenez, who is Black and Latino, was approached by members of the Minneapolis Police.

This was truly disturbing, as later it was reported there was another associate from CNN who was not asked to move and was not arrested. This was also a white individual. One thing about the entire deal is that it was all filmed while they were reporting live. Check out the footage.

As you heard, they were finally told the reason for being arrested was due to them not moving. However, it seems as if they were never told. Outside of the members not having on CNN apparel, the fact that they were carrying cameras and microphones should have been a sign that they had the right to be there. I know there are a lot of high emotions flying right now, but this is not the way to handle the media who is only trying to do their job and remain as unbiased as possible on the entire situation. As a media person myself, I would know how to feel if something like this happens. And while I hate to pull the race card, it's odd that Jimenez would be harassed without cause or explanation. I'm sure there will be more to the story to come.

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