DL Hughley is by far one of the realest comedians out there. He has never sugarcoated things to work for society. He has always set his place up in his career by being him. So everyone wanted to see what he was going to say about the Smith's staying away from the Oscars. Obviously it has been a very serious subject over the past few days since Jada Pinkett Smith released the video offering advice to the Oscar associates to open up the nominees consideration a little more.

Not long after that there was a video released by Janet Hubert where she basically chastised the Smiths and all but called Will Smith less then a man. While everyone has their opinions on how they thought things should go DL Hughley has finally stepped up and took a stand. Check out a clip from his radio show where he talked about the situation at hand.

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Posted by D.L. Hughley on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I have to agree Will is not the first African American to win, but there are bigger issues to discuss. Hopefully things will open up to broaden the categories and nominees a little. But I was always raised to not want something where it was given out of guilt or force. I have always worked for something and chose to take the slower road to get there if I have to. The heat is on Chris Rock, but I am sure that he is going to host it because he is a professional at hand. This will be interesting and the fact that they are talking about staying away is only going to make more people go.