I ran across this clip on Facebook and I have to admit when I saw the headline. I couldn't help but to ask myself what if. While there is a fine line when it comes to religious humor. I have to give it to comedian John Gray. He has probably answered a question that alot of folks were curious about.
If Jesus actually had brothers, how did they react around him and did he get all of the attention? Were they able to lie or did they get caught when they tried to?

John Gray: Imagine You're a Kid and Jesus is your Brother... Too Funny!!!

Posted by TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network on Friday, August 21, 2015




John Gray Doing standup comedy:


This guy is hilarious and another example that you don't need alot of profanity in order to get your laugh on. I couldn't help but to think about what it would be like to, come on we have all thought about that. Anyway this guy is making major moves and if you want to check him out you can get more here.


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