Comedian Mike Epps sat down with GQ to countdown the essentials that he takes on the road. Amongst the list was a vintage pair of Persol glasses, trail mix, Skinny Pop, and more. The most interesting item on the list was what he received from the mother of the late Tupac Shakur before she herself passed away in 2016.

According to Epp's, while working with the late Afeni at the Atlanta Tupac Center, she gifted him with the actual gold bracelet Tupac wore on the cover of his 1996 album All Eyes on Me. The album was released in September of 1996, just months before he was gunned down on the Las Vegas strip. The actor/comedian says though he cherishes the bracelet, he plans to eventually return it to the Shakur family.

Mike Epp's latest Netflix comedy special Only One Mike is available for streaming, and his latest movie, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, is currently in theaters.

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