It was important to Anthony’s mom that she send a man out into the world who could get the job done right. - Team Coco, via Youtube

We know Anthony Anderson’s mom is something else, but this takes the cake!

The actor/comedian dropped by Conan to discuss his new game show “To Tell the Truth", a talk show, and why he works so hard. His reasons were because he likes expensive things, to pay for his daughters private college, his sons private school, and his mothers chronic gambling and bingo addition. He was very serious too in the video you can with below.

The funniest thing about the interview was him explaining to Conan how his mother taught him and his brother and some friends the proper way of performing fellatio. Yes, it went there, and it left the late night talk show host completely speechless.  Check out the hilarious and NSFW clip above.

Anthony Anderson also says his mother carries around autographed pictures of herself to pass out to people in the street. She makes them aware that she’s his mother.

Anthony's mom sounds like loads of fun to me!

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