One of my favorite shows on Tv is Blackish. This has got to be one of the realest ones out there. Whether its the characters of Anthony Anderson, Laurence Fisburne or even Traci Ellis Ross, you are sure to get a great episode. When I watched this weeks episode of Blackish it was one of the best shows I have seen. The show touched on the election of Donald Trump and actually shed light on something that is being discussed in all households about the election.

If you missed the show then you can check out one of the most talked about scenes from the show. Anthony's character was questioned on his love for America and Anthony gave one of the best responses that I have ever seen. Check it out below.


Blackish Donald Trump Episode:

The country seems divided and we have to work on a way where we can come together and get some type of understanding. This scene is one that I will always refer back to when it seems like I am losing hope and forgetting about how bad it is in the world. Make sure you check out Blackish and if you have not watched this. I think that you will enjoy it as it touches on so much of what's happening in the world today.

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