I was scrolling on Facebook and saw that our friend Aaron Mulligan has another acknowledgement for his hard work. He released "The Kickback" and "The Kickback 2" and now the word comes that The Kickback is the official selection for the Calcasieu Parish Short Film Festival 2019.

I remember sitting down and talking to him last year when he was working on the first one and telling him that I really see him as the next Spike Lee. Aaron really has the cusp of working the camera and knows how to select the proper angles to make things happen.

He also released "The Kickback 2" and the feedback for that one was just as big. It is really going to be amazing to see what the future holds for Aaron Mulligan aka Director Fresh and his crew. This is truly a great look for the city and for what he is doing for the film culture. Check out both of the movies below and enjoy them at your own risk.


"The Kickback":

"The Kickback 2":

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