Aaron Mulligan is at it again and this time he is in need of our help. He's in the process of filming a new web series entitled "Black Blood" which is to contain 8 episodes. If you have been following his career then you already know what he is capable of bringing to the table.

With this series, he is looking to take the artistry even more in depth and creative as possible. However with progress comes a need for better technology and even better equipment. He has set up a Go Fund me page and is asking for contributions and donations toward the project.

I remember when Robert Townsend filmed the movie "Hollywood Shuffle", he used all of his credit cards and also got help from other celebrities like Bill Cosby who donated to the project and look at the future that the first movie has contributed to his career. I have believed in Aaron from our first meeting and I am excited to do what I can do to help him reach his goal. Check out the trailer from the upcoming series.


Black Blood Web Series Trailer:

Major props to Director Fresh and his crew who all work together to make sure they all succeed. We'll be looking out for more great things to come and I will have all of the details for you here.

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