I was highly disappointed that I wasn't able to be at the premiere for the follow up from Director Fresh this past weekend. I was at the first movie from the young and hungry movie director Aaron Mulligan and I knew the follow up was going to be just as lit.

I have talked with Aaron, Shaylin and others about the upcoming movie and while he promised that it was going to be a longer production. He wouldn't give a lot of details away about the movie. One thing I can say about the guy is he is a perfectionist and I am sure he was editing the movie down to the last minute on this past Saturday. There were several local artist with songs in the movie who was performing that night and from what I hear there was about 200 people in attendance.

While I was scheduled to attend, a health scare decided otherwise and I had to cancel on the day of. He did promise that the movie would be released and I have it for you here. Congratulations to the entire crew who worked tirelessly to put forth a great body of work and for utilizing talent from right here in the area. Make sure you follow his Aaron Mulligans You Tube page and be on the look out for more great things to come.


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