Friday was the first day of fall in Louisiana and we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox with temperatures near 90 degrees and enough humidity to spark afternoon thunderstorms. While the first part of this week might feel more summer like forecasters are suggesting that we will get a hint of fall again by this weekend.

A cold front currently pushing across the Rocky Mountain states will move through the state during the day on Thursday. This system is expected to bring much drier and slightly cooler air to the area for Friday and through the weekend. A secondary front behind the initial cold front could reinforce those cooler conditions as well.

There won't be a drastic drop in temperatures behind the front but you will certainly notice the afternoon conditions won't be nearly as humid. The early morning temperatures should settle into the low to the middle 60-degree range for Friday and through the weekend.

If you're wondering about the first frost for the area you've got a few weeks to wait. Along I-10 the first frost usually doesn't occur until the first week in December. Along I-20 the first frost usually makes an appearance during the last week in November.

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