There is to much going on in the world and seeing more senseless violence is not something that we want more of. Uber driver Jason Brian Dalton, who according to CNN is currently in jail for murdering 6 people and various other crimes associated with the shooting spree.


Now comes a story where there were several people who were suppose to be passengers in his car as well as an individual who actually was and was able to get away with no har, Check out this story courtesy of "Inside Edition".

Couple Reported Uber driver to 911 before his shooting spree:

While I am not a big follower of the Uber phenomenon, I am sure there will those who will try to use this incident as a negative. The fact is that people are hired everyday for various reasons and we take a chance regardless of those who we hire. We can't blame a company due to someones mental state or erratic behavior on the job. I hope that the families of these victims will be able to find some sort of peace and  that this will be resolved.