My how the times have changed. In the days of my youth climbing into a car with a stranger was considered to be a poor choice. In today's modern times climbing into a car with a stranger is fast becoming the norm.

Well, it's not a total stranger that you're riding with. It's someone you know at least electronically. The fascination and integration of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft across Louisiana are growing exponentially.

These convenient ride-sharing services offer patrons transportation with the touch of a button on a smartphone. The driver knows who he or she is about to pick up. The passenger knows who their driver is going to be. Both parties know their journey is being monitored and that the bill is already paid and no cash needs to change hands.

Some of the issues with these services are the cost to consumers and the way that drivers are hired. These functions are not uniform across the state. That could soon change. In my mind, it would be one of the few times the legislature has done something to make a good thing, a better thing.

The proposed legislation that will be debated in the upcoming session of the legislature would create uniform regulations for the entire state. That way a Lyft user in New Orleans would be treated the same as a Lyft user in Lake Charles.

This proposed regulation would also mandate background checks on drivers that are hired by these services. It's another added layer of safety and consumer confidence for both the company and the customers.

Many states across the nation already have similar regulations in place so it's not just a Louisiana thing. It's a let's make a good idea a better idea thing. Here's to hoping that the Louisiana legislature can get this done swiftly and without screwing it up for everybody.

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