Election Day 2018 is underway. Today voters across the nation will decide what kind of America they want to live in. The country has never been so divided, and never has there been so much at stake. Today you decide the way America is going to be governed going forward. Pending changes under the current administration, are extensive and will greatly effect the lives of all Americans. With choices this big everyone needs to have their voice heard.

Lyft Lounge at Sundance Film Festival 2018
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CNN reports Lyft, Uber, Vote Lantino, the Urban League, TurboVote, Vote.org,  #VoteTogether and Democracy Works and Nonprofit Vote joined forces to provide the Ride To Vote initiative. In an effort to encourage voter turnout, these organizations have pledged to make it easier for those without vehicles to get to the polls. Isn't that cool! Lyft execs said they are taking their motto of "connecting people and their communities through the world’s best transportation" to the next level. Today across the country they are helping people in underserved communities exercise their right to vote, with free or discounted rides.

Across the country, they're giving away 50% off promo codes with those partners listed above to help distribute codes to those who need them. Access the codes here. Voters can access rides and voting info at their fingertips including Ubers Get To The Polls Button, use the Lyft's to locate polling stations, and more. Free rides for underserved communities are possible thanks to Vote Latino and local Urban league affiliates. Nonpartisan/nonprofit partners like League of Women Voters, the Student Vets of America, Faith in Action, and the National Federation of the Blind have all joined the initiative.

Thank you all! This is what truly makes America great. Working together. Helping one another. The rest is up to the voters of this country. If you are age 18 and over please go vote today. See your sample ballot, download the geauxvote mobile app. Below is a breakdown on local amendments.

A vote FOR prohibits convicted non-pardoned felons from seeking or holding public office until five years after completion of sentence.

A vote AGAINST allows convicted felons to qualify to hold office after serving a sentence.

A vote FOR would require unanimous jury decisions for verdicts in non-capital felony cases for offenses committed after 2018.

A vote AGAINST would maintain that at least 10 of 12 jurors must agree for verdicts in non-capital felony cases.

A vote FOR would allow donations of the use of public equipment and personnel from one political subdivision to another under the Constitution.

A vote AGAINST would continue to require that local governments receive comparable value for any donation provided to another governmental entity.

A vote FOR would remove the authority to use money in the Transportation Trust Fund by state police for traffic control purposes.

A vote AGAINST would continue to allow a portion of the Transportation Trust Fund to be used by state police for traffic control purposes.

A vote FOR would extend eligibility for certain special property tax treatments to property held in trust.

A vote AGAINST would Keep eligibility for certain special property tax treatment restricted to the owner of the property.

A vote FOR would require a four-year phase-in of tax liability for homes subject to the homestead exemption when a reappraisal increases assessments by more than 50%

A vote AGAINST would continue to require all homeowners to pay taxes owed on the same basis according to the assessed values


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