According to the American Press, over 30 parents showed up to last nights Calcasieu Parish School Board meeting. Amongst those parents were also health professionals to speak on the uses of masks and their place in the school system with students. The medical professionals spoke about the bad side of masks and their potential for not working in any sort of setting, especially involving students that more than likely will not wear them correctly during the school day.

The school board was also there to meet about lessening the penalty for a student showing up to school without a mask on. The mandate set in place by Governor Edwards lines out the penalty for a student not wearing a mask. If the student arrives to school not wearing one, one will be given to the student. If wearing it is refused by the student, then the student's parent is contacted. The student is then placed in isolation for one day. The student will then be assigned online instruction involving regular teachers, much like a 14-day quarantine set of classes. The student then will no long be able to participate in any indoor activities at the school.

Make and distribute masks
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The school board discussed these penalties for a student not having a mask, with some wanting to lesson the first offence to just a letting being sent home to the parent. The members voted with a 6-7 result in favor of keeping the current mandate in place and not using a letter for a first offense.

There was another amendment put in to place that was approved by the board. This amendment will allow teachers in a classroom to remove their mask as long as they are six foot away while they are teaching their class. The current mask mandate will stay in place in Louisiana until it is reassessed by the governor on September 1.


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