It's been over six months since Curren$yreleased a project, but all that changed over the weekend as he blessed us with a new on-the-whim EP called 'Saturday Night Car Tunes.'

At seven tracks long, it's more suited to a quick cruise in the car than an hour-plus haul, but the project packs some punch with appearances from Wiz Khalifa ('Dojo'), and Birdman and Gunplay ('10 G's Remix'). Spitta even manages to lure out Rich Boy from obscurity to throw some D's on the cut, 'Night Like This.'

Labor Day Weekend may be almost over, but you've still got time to burn away copious amounts of that sticky icky and listen to Curren$y's new effort.

Meanwhile, Curren$y went on Twitter to thank the people who were involved in putting his project together. He tweeted:

Listen to Curren$y's 'Saturday Night Car Tunes' EP


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