Dave Chappelle is never one to mince his words.

After accepting the Mark Twain Prize last year, Chappelle and some friends dropped by the DC Improv where the famed-comedian hit the stage. He told the audience that he knows what he has because he lost it all, referring to his twelve year hiatus from comedy and acting.

Dave delivered a eye-opening message to the audience.

I gotta tell you something, and I don't talk about it often. Have you ever worked all your life for something, and have it not work out? That happened to me! It was tough. Think about it. I was gone for twelve years. It's not a little bit of time. It was hell. I watched other n****a's that I knew become very famous. I watched the world go on without me. I mourned the loss of it, and after a while I didn't care".


The Sticks & Stones comic also told the audience "I understand what I am", and later went on to offer some advice to his fellow comedians stating "don't let these b***** a** n****'s button your lip. Say it anyway"!

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