Where in the room can you hear a discussion about George Floyd, Kobe Bryant, Candice Owens and Lebron James in one conversation? You can definitely start with the overnight surprise comedy special from Dave Chappelle. I have to admit, when I used to watch movies like Half Baked and Dr. Dolittle, I never would have thought Chappelle's name would reign as one of the greatest and most inspiring comedians to ever live.

Last night, he released a special called 8:46, which was how long former officer David Chauvin kneeled on the neck of George Floyd. We all know the history now and are currently witnessing the world rallying for a change for not only law enforcement, but also for people of color to have opportunities that have never been offered before.

The special is under thirty minutes, and if you're looking for slapstick, fall out of the chair comedy, you won't get that. What you will get is Dave Chappelle in one of his realest comedy specials ever. I have often said we are not privy to the great leaders of before like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, or even Ghandi. But Dave is truly in the running. He has never been afraid to come off the cuff and tell it like it is. If that means losing a few fans or followers and even ruffling some feathers, leave it up to Dave to give it to you.

I think everyone should watch this special, but don't get offended. Get inspired. We need to realize a change needs to be made and in order for that change to happen, we have to unify and work together for the same goal. If you've got a few minutes, take a look at this special and let's build on things to make this world a better place.

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