Thank God for longer days and more sunshine!  I don't know why, but Daylight Saving/Fall Back in the November always messes me up.  The one hour lost in my day, always makes me feel like I have to rush to get everything done.  Don't you?  It's like as soon as it gets dark, I feel like I have to go to bed.

Well goodbye Fall Back, and hello Spring Forward!  Remember to set your clocks one hour ahead, when you go to bed Saturday March 11, 2017. Daylight Saving Time officially begins on Sunday, March 12, 2017.  Unfortunately for all you party animals out there, I'm sorry to say you're gonna lose an hour of turn-up time.

The time change officially takes place at 2 a.m.  The good news is, the change is automatic for almost all smartphones, tablets, computers, some clocks and other digital devices.  However, you'll still need to manually reset the ol' microwave, and your ol skool clocks in the house.

Enjoy the extra daylight!  The first day of Spring is Monday March 20, 2017.

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