I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all our extra sunlight is about the come to an end this weekend. On Sunday Nov. 5, 2017 set your clocks back 1 hour, before you go to bed or at 2 a.m. Though my man Benjamin Franklin gets all the credit, he actually didn't start Daylight Savings Time (DST.) However, it was his idea. In 1784 Franklin was Ambassador to Paris when he wrote about his new "discovery," in the Journal of Paris.

Ol' Ben discovered the benefits of conserving energy, and the positive effects of longer days. So resetting clocks, 1 hour forward in the Summer was his idea. Yet the first time his idea was put to the test, didn't occur until more than a century later. Germany was the first country to observe DST, to conserve fuel during WWI in 1916. Shortly afterward the rest of Europe followed suit, and in 1918 the U.S. also adopted the tradition.

Enjoy the remaining long days of 2017 while you can, Fall Back is about to go down. Looking ahead, the process starts all over again next year on  March 11, 2018. The nation will observe DST, and move clocks forward 1 hour to enjoy longer days of sunshine once again.

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