Chicago comedian Deon Cole returns to the scene and will be on several different shows in this year of 2018. My favorite right now is "Blackish" which is crazy funny and also "Grown-ish" as well. Be on the look out as he will team up again with Conan O' Brien and Tiffany Haddish for his "Face Value" game show on BET. But also "Angie Tribeca" is another favorite that he is also a supporting member of.


He stopped by to talk to the homie Sway in the morning to discuss his career and also shared his  thoughts on Bill Cosby returning to comedy. If you don't know by now Deon is one of my favorite comedians out right now along with Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy and others.

Check out some of the past clips featuring Deon Cole from some of his greatest stand up routines.




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