When it comes to the hip hop game EPMD are some trendsetters who together and separately introduced us to some of the hottest hip hop and even R&B artist to the game. In  the 90's they brought us Das Efx, K-Solo, Hurricane G, Redman, Keith Murray and the solo career of Dave Holister.

They have also had pretty successful solo careers with Erick Sermon really riding high with his music career including producing for other major artist. He just dropped a new album "Vernia" after several years sitting idle and when I tell you this album is just what the game needs right now. This is a bonafide smash and is ranking on the Itunes charts with some of the newer popular artist out there today.

Erick Sermon- "Vernia":

I love the new album and I tell  you this is most definitely a classic album that features plenty of great artist who exemplify hip hop.


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