When it comes to Gospel music I have been a fan from years back. I am originally from Mississippi so I came up on The Canton Spirituals, The Williams Brothers and so many more and still have a love for the music to this very day.

As I got older the gospel music started to change and artist started to come out with a sound that wasn't the stereotypical Gospel sound. Then in the nineties Kirk Franklin came about and took the sound of Gospel music to another level. He also helped propel a lot of artist to the fore front with their introduction of either singing background or a feature on some of his music.

Fast Forward to today and artist Christon Gray is a Gospel artist who had signed to Kirk Franklins imprint Fo Yo Soul. I heard about him first with his album "The Glory Album" where he really poured his heart out on the album and developed a new fan base out of this world. He is back with his latest album called "Clear The Heir". The album really talks about things in his recent divorce, things that he is dealing with and more then you would expect from a Gospel Artist.

He stopped by to talk with Sway in the morning about his recent divorce, introduce his new wife and talk his latest album in the interview below.


Check out the first single from the video called "Time Out". I have listened to the album and have to admit that the album is a great piece of work and should be considered for one of those days when you want to have a brain break and think.


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