Are you a basketball and music enthusiast? If so, here's your shot at a once in a lifetime gig! The NBA's Detroit Pistons is linking up with rap superstar Big Sean and TikTok Resumes to launch a new pilot apprentice program. Not only that, but this app opens a entirely new way to look for work or make a career change. According to reports this intern would work alongside Big Sean and the Pistons marketing department. Below is a TikTok video with a little more info about what they are looking for in a candidate.

I guess you could says this is the ultimate dream job opportunity. So be sure to sign up, if you think you got what it takes to be the dopiest intern on the planet! FYI, The goal of TikTok Resumes is to give jobseekers a whole new way of discovering career opportunities with employers around the globe. The Detroit Pistons are the first professional sports team to sign-on and used this initiative, but they most certainly wont be the last.

Matter of fact, other big name companies are using the TikTok app to find motivated employees, apprentices and interns to help take their brands to the next level and they include Target, Chipotle, and WWE just to name a few.

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