Who knew? Louisiana has a state insect and drink. Louisiana's state insect is so popular that 16 other states also made this insect their #1 bug. The Western or European Honey Bee was named the state bug of Louisiana because of its huge impact on the state economy. Bees are an important role in agriculture in Louisiana their pollination is important to the survival of animals and plant life.

In the U.S. honey is a $15 billion industry and production in Louisiana is somewhere around $5.37 million. It tastes pretty darn good too!  Honey and beeswax have huge wellness properties and offer great benefits for people who suffer from allergies. Without the honey bee, human survival would suffer due to a massive decline in fresh produce. Keep that in mind the next time you see our state bug! also tastes pretty darn good too!


The state drink was kinda surprising being that Louisiana is known for letting the good times roll! I would have thought it would be the famous Hurricane Daiquiri, but state legislators had other ideas. In honor of the dairy, industry milk was named the state drink. Cows and milk are incredibly important to Louisiana generating roughly $100 million in farmland and another $150 in value-added income!

So, there you have it! That is why the honey bee and milk are our state bug and drink!

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