I got a call this morning from one of my nieces. She is the oldest daughter for my deceased older brother. We have a pretty tight nit family and love to spend time with one another while also enjoying great food. My niece Terri called me and said Happy Uncle's Day! I have to admit that I was taken aback and didn't realize that this was a thing.

Well guess what it is a thing. I had to do a little researching and saw that it's a national thing. No we can't call in and take a Uncle or Aunt day off. However, it is simply celebrated by our nieces and nephews who tend to idolize us as the people they love. We have all heard someone say that this is my favorite Aunt or Uncle. Usually because we tend to let them have their way, or we are always buying them things.

But this is truly something to be acknowledge. I haven't received a gift, nor can I go out to restaurants and have them sing to me with a cupcake and candle on the top. What I will say is that it is an honor to be an positive influence in the lives of the people I love. I am a firm believer and often say I don't know everything, but I am available for conversations and anything I can help with. Most of the time it's just to be an ear to help someone else. So let me say to all of my listeners out there Happy Aunt and Uncle Day. I hope you are having one of the best days ever.


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