The inspiring story about the New Jersey mom who won $430 Million dollars and split it with her 7 kids was a great thing. When you hear about the situation with Prince and how his siblings are fighting over his fortunes. It's truly a shame and sad that money does this to families.


What would I have done with this money, well first off there would be a trust fund set up for my son and if at that time he had a family then of course his kids would be taken care of. The bad thing about winning a fortune like this is that you will have folks coming from everywhere trying to claim something that they have no right to. I would see this coming a mile away. I would definitely take care of my brothers and make sure they are straight. Now taking care of their family is going to be up to them.

My mother being taken care of, is a no brainer. I am going to do for her because she deserves it and has given so much to make sure that my family and I had. Now this may ruffle some feathers, but cousins, and those further down the family tree shouldn't be looking for anything as that just doesn't seem logical.

Obviously there are some things that I would want to just do for me. We all make sacrifices when we have kids and spouses. So to be able to do some things that I would like to do would be great. My wife has a desire to own her own daycare, so you can believe that I would help build one of the best ones ever. We have to look at putting some cushion back for the rough days and moments that are not expected. I would look at some bonds and intelligent investments. I would build me a voiceover studio so that I can create some masterpieces with movie trailers and radio commercials and build my brand. I would have to give back to my church as that is a given and even look at some community events for the kids to give them something to look forward to.

I hear some of the biggest mistakes come when people win money. It's something that most people are not used to having and they either make bad decisions or lose it all by giving to to many people. These are just some of the things that I would do if I were to win money like this. What would you do if you scored a cool $430 Million dollars?

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