After more than 14 years, who would have thought Diddy would close down his famous restaurant Justin's.  Atlanta's hot spot in no more.  Why?


Used to be said if you went to New York, you have to visit Justin's.  However, the flagship restaurant named after Diddy's first child Justin closed in 2007.  Then it was said if you ever go to Atlanta, you had to go to Justin's.  Now, that would be impossible as Diddy is closing the restaurant and shutting down the chain for good.

Usher is gearing up to drop his seventh studio album "Looking 4 Myself" and tonight in celebration of the much anticipated LP he's performing it live.  For all the Usher fans out there, this is gonna be a show for the history books!  What make's tonight's concert so special?  Here's Usher to explain:



Don't miss tonight's remarkable performance and scroll down to hear more about how and when you can watch it.  Plus, learn more about Usher's new album.  He's got a new single out and I've got all the details.  Press play to hear more with Tha Wire.

Finally, Drake is being sued by a well know New York attorney who claims Drizzy jacked him for his Rolex!  However, Drake not only denies that claim and says first of all he got his watch directly from Rolex and he's never even heard of the dude.  Crazy story but I the scoop with today's Wire: 



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