We've all been young. Doing dumb things goes along with being immature. However, breaking the law is just that: breaking the law. Dine and dash is starting to grow in popularity among young Americans and there's been a string of incidents over the last few days. Problem is, it's a bad idea that carries some very serious consequences.

Louisiana law on leaving a restaurant without paying the bill comes with steep fines of $500, possible two year jail terms and more. This is considered a Chapter 2 - fraudulent act. Besides, do you really want to make the news for stealing food?

If you don't want to start the new year being sued by a wealthy restaurant chain, getting arrested for theft, hit with felony charges, or serving time in jail, find another group activity. Every state is different when it comes to fines and charges relating to leaving a restaurant without paying for your meal. More often than not, you will go to jail. This is a crime. By the way, you and your crew will be easily identified because nearly all restaurants have video surveillance. Be smart and don't embarrass yourself or your family.

Here's something else to think about. When you walk out on the check, someone has to pay your bill. A lot of times, that person is the waitress or waiter who served you. These people don't make a lot of money to begin with, so the last thing they need is their check garnished because a customer left without paying. Stealing ain't cool, especially when it's food.

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