Over the weekend, Fat Joe said DJ Khaled is the Quincy Jones of Hip Hop. I can only think even Khaled himself had to be like what are you talking about?

As far as Hip Hop goes, Khaled has been behind some of the biggest anthems we all remember. Whether it's All I Do Is Win, I'm On One or Wild Thoughts, before we even take it back to Quincy Jones, let's talk about Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, and even DJ Premier.

While I won't take any credit away from his creativity, one thing Khaled doesn't have is a Michael Jackson. Quincy Jones really propelled his career and solidified himself into the contemporary genres.

Now we do have to take in mind that Fat Joe was on Drink Champs, and we know many folks have had loose lips when on there. You mix alcohol and possibly some marijuana in the mix, and there is no telling what you will probably hear. But somewhere in his mind before he spoke, he should have thought about that answer. We are talking about Quincy Jones here, who created the Sanford and Son theme, The Color Purple, and more.

One thing I love about Jay-Z is before he answers any question, he puts thought into it. He seems to always control his surroundings and is very comfortable in his situation. Props to Fat Joe for introducing us to Big Pun, Remy Ma, and teaching us all to Lean Back. But my guy, DJ Khaled has a long way to go to be in the Quincy Jones conversation.

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