DMX has had his share of ups and downs in the world. He's had estranged relationships from his kids from his first wife and run ins with the law. However one thing that he has always had during his entire career is his relationship with religion and God.

I saw an Instagram notification from X stating that he was going to be going live soon and all of his followers should tune in. We have had beat battles, Tic Toc videos and fight videos daily. What we haven't had much of is a positive word that can bring people together. This is exactly what we got with DMX as you can see below.


Since the beginning of his career DMX has included a prayer on his albums and not only did he create the excitement for new music. He has probably given those who were lost something to inspire and look forward to. I have been a fan and would love to see what is going to happen in this brothers life in the future.

DMX- "Slippin":

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