I remember back in the 90's there was this cat who was beast on the microphone. Not only was he a lyrical guy, but he was also very animated on the mic and did things that alot of other people couldn't do. His name was DMX and he released two albums in one year and really did his things when it came to keeping his name out there. Well he is back and working with Swizz Beats again and apparently they have some new music in the works.

Check out this exclusive as he is talking about his beef with Jay-Z, new music and also the fact that he is the about to have his 15th child. Wow all I can say is this has one of the realest interviews ever and you know that these guys know how to bring it out of him.


Never a dull moment when it comes to DMX, but the fact that there is new music in the works is a great thing. I can't wait to see what else is popping off from the homie as well. I just hope he can keep his nose clean and give the fans what we have been missing for years.


DMX- "Ruff Ryders Anthem":


DMX- "Slippin":

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