When it comes to public speaking , it doesn't require the best voice, but it does require confidence. Coming to Mcneese this month is something new and stellar to the area. The event is called Speak Pretty and it's all about public speaking and showing young folks how to debate and swagger and more.

The event goes down July 27th- July 30th and will be a workshop that is going to be very informative and beneficial to our young people. This will give them the ammo that they need in order to speak freely and respectfully in the world. There will be plenty of great speakers at the event including famed poet Lady Caress. She has appeared on "Verses and Flow" and you can check her out in action below.



Lady Caress Live On Verses And Flow:

Keep listening for more details on this event and look at investing in this for the youth. Also props to Mr. Debater himself Cary Chavis who will be on hand and we all know this guy is a burst of energy and knowledge.