Gotta give major props to Cary Chavis and the entire crew from Speak Pretty. After seeing Cary handle the kids from Washington Marion during their end of the year debate, I knew this young man had what it took to get them to the next level.


I invited Cary to stop by and talk with my about the upcoming "Speak Pretty Workshop" that will be held starting Monday July 27th and going until Friday July 31st.This is all be done in conjunction with Mcneese State University Upward Bound on MSU campus. If there are any questions about this event, I think we can answer them for you below during the interview.


Cary Chavis of Speak Pretty And Erik Tee:


Thanks to Cary and appreciate the kind words. You never know when you can inspire someone from just a few moments during a conversation on the phone and honestly sharing information on something you enjoy. That is exactly how it is when I talk about radio and I am very proud of the young man that Mr. Chavis turned out to be. Make sure you get out there and check it out and for more details hit up Cary Chavis and get all of the details. Also if you would like to invest in our kids future, you can do so by clicking here for more details.

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