Tomorrow make sure you are in the building for the Father And Son/ Single Mothers community day at Bellard Park beginning at 3 pm and going until with plenty of goodies and fun for everyone. If you know Chuck Slugg and who doesn't? You know that he is a comedian, manager, artist and first and foremost a father. Well if  you are a proud father and parent for the matter then you should be a part of the huge event. The Father and Sons and Single Mothers Community Event will take place on Sunday July 22nd at Bellard Park, formally Hillcrest Park located at 2808 Hillcrest Drive from 3 pm til 10 pm. There will be guest speakers, free food and plenty of door prizes to be given away.  Now just to make it understood, although the event is targeted at giving the fathers a chance to bond and grow with their sons, we invite all of the single mothers who are available to take part in this as well. For more information and details, don't hesitate to call 225-936-8671!


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