According to the New York Daily News, Dr. Dre is being sued by a former housekeeper, Raquel Sagustume claims her $1,870 per week salary was unfair. Say what?!

“Sagustume said the other staffers — two female cousins — felt threatened by her skill level and unfairly delegated their own work to her, causing her physical strain and injury,” according to the NY Daily News.

In addition to claims of improper payment of overtime, missed meals and vacation time, Sagustume claims she suffers from a “burning pain” in her neck, arms, and back, and that "she was fired while still in the hospital for the panic attack,” and that "Dr. Dre and his wife, Nicole Young, failed to prevent discrimination and harassment in their home."

The former housekeeper says she still "suffers from anxiety, depression and stress and deserves punitive damages,” said the NYDailyNews.