Dr. Dre's TV plans hit a bump in the road. On Saturday (Sept. 22), the Wall Street Journal reported that Vital Signs, which is a semi-autobiographical drama Dre produced for Apple, was rejected by Apple CEO Tim Cook for being too violent.

Apparently Cook saw the six-episode series himself before telling Interscope Cofounder and current Apple exec Jimmy Iovine that the show featured too much violent content. In addition to gun violence, the show also includes scenes with cocaine use and at least one orgy. Neither Dre nor Cook have spoken about the show's apparent rejection.

Vital Signs was originally announced back in the winter of 2016 and it's been revealed that Michael K. Williams, Sam Rockwell and Ian McShane were stars on the show. At the time, it was reported that each episode of the series was supposed to be "focusing on a different emotion and how Dre's character deals with it."

While Vital Signs is pretty much no more, that doesn't mean Dre has had any time off. Back in July, it was reported that the Good Doctor was mixing and mastering Anderson .Paak's Oxnard album. On Sept. 12, Dr. Dre used his Instagram account to announce the completion of the job.

In the caption for his celebratory post, which included an image of himself with .Paak, Dre let loose the good news. "Just finished mixing the album. It’s a celebration bitches!!"

We may not be getting to see Vital Signs, but at least more of Dre's handy work will make its way into the world soon.

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