Drake is being accused of getting a club in Oklahoma City shut down after he allegedly rented the club for a private party.  The owner of the club is angry and wants to get even.Meanwhile, the police got involved and because marijuana was found in the nightspot the clubs manager was arrested and the club had to shut it's doors.  Find out what in the world happened and get all the juicy details now by pressing play.


In other news, this brotha just can't seem to catch a break.  Nas is reportedly STILL having major issues with Uncle Sam.  It's been reported that because he's been having difficulty paying on his ginormous debt , the IRS is hitting him were it hurts.


In more news, Bobby Womack is a true soul legend.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is know for his hits,          "If You Think Your Lonely Now", "Harry Hippie", "That's The Way I Feel About You" and much more.  He's currently making a come back if you will, with his first album in 13 years coming out in June.

Here's his new single- "Please Forgive My Heart"




Sadly, as he tries to celebrate the up coming release of his new album he was informed of some troubling health news.  Press play to hear what that news was and to get all of today's news.  Here's Tha Wire: 



Damon Dash is being sued by rapper Curren$y for hocking his music, without his permission.  Evidently, Curren$y and Dash were working with one an other back in 2010, in which Curren$y dropped two albums with Dash.

Problem is, according to Curren$y, there was never a deal or contract in place.  As a matter of fact, that same year he signed a contract with Warner Brothers.  Who, insistently own all rights to his music.  Anyway, Curren$y says though he and Dash discussed a label deal, it never went through.

Therefore, Dash had no business selling music that doesn't belong to him.  So, he is suing for $1.5 million in damages.

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