Looks like Drake wasn't as generous as people thought when it came time to pay at Mickey D's. This past Saturday (Jan. 26), one Twitter user reported that Drake gave out $10,000 tips to McDonald's employees during a recent trip to the fast-food restaurant. That info turned out to be exaggerated.

Late yesterday (Jan. 30), CNN reporter Chloe Melas spoke with the public relations team at  McDonald's and confirmed that Drake had given big tips to two employees. The only thing was, though, the amount was $100 each as opposed to the $10,000 initially reported.

The $10,000 tip story was reported by one Twitter user who happened to be at the L.A. McDonald's Drake was eating at when Drizzy gave out a sizable tip. After tweeting about seeing Drizzy in line at the restaurant, @ImAJNoel claimed that he saw the Canadian sensation give two women behind the counter $10,000 in cash.

"Just saw Drake in McDonald’s... crazy," @ImAJNoel tweeted. "And he gave two female employees $10,000 each... in cash."

Drake didn't tip as much as people thought but that doesn't mean he isn't a generous guy. Folks like DJ Khaled, his son Asahd, Jennifer Lopez can attest to the rapper's giving streak. He even gave Khaled and his son matching outfits to celebrate the boy's birth.

This news comes about a week after it was reported that Drake and Future The Prince recently signed a deal with film producer Matthew Budman's newly-launched Forest Hill Entertainment. The two signed a first-look deal, which would give Forest Hill the rights to produce any film content put out by the OVOers.

See CNN's Chloe Melas' tweets about the actual amount of money Drake tipped for yourself in the gallery below. The tweets recounting Drake's tip are also included.

See Tweets About Drake's McDonald's Tip

See Tweets About Drake's McDonald's Tip

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